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Guitar Composer Performer


• Gold album award winner for his EMI recording     of Joaquin Rodrigo's "Concierto de Aranjuez"

"My personal favourite... on an LP with John Zaradin and Guy Barbier conducting the Philomusica of London" -

Joaquin Rodrigo


Herman laughed. “There’s not a fortune or a diagnosis that makes a sound like a guitar. Listen to that––––” he nodded at the tape recorder which he had brought from the garden with him and which was still playing.

“That’s Zaradin. Every note is golden.” -

Birdcage   Victor Canning

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Guitar Dedications SP1239

01Memories on my Mind, 02 Coraçâo Quebrado, 03 Tell Me Again, 04 Lamento, 05 Tudo Bem, 06 Tijuca, 07 Sierra Alta, 08 Para Dos, 09 Saffron, 10 Mobile Fun, 11 Remembering Ike, 12 Time Out With

9 Chorinhos for Solo Guitar SP1238

#1 Contando Estrelas, #2 Choro Decidido, #3 Saudosa Arecima, #4 Que Podería Ter Sido, #5 Saltando na Praia, #6 Guanabara,

#7 Severinha, #8 Avenida do Rio Branco, #9 Copacabaneiro