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Personal Journey -  John Zaradin in Conversation with Hephzibah Yohannan

Personal Journey

Hardback   978-1-872240-29-9. Paperback   978-1-872240-30-5

Music, Memoir and Philosophy. Melchisedec Press MP  001?

By Barbara Pidgeon author of ‘Shakti Manifest’

This beautifully told unfolding of John’s life—boy to man, intellectual to visceral seer—subtly, delicately reveals the genius of Eugene Halliday, a man for all men and women—literally, music for the senses!”

By Greenfinch on 4 Oct. 2015

A fascinating read, an unusual and captivating memoir lightened by many illustrations and the author's intriguing sense of humour. It's the story of a musician's life from schooldays to adult life; the mysterious teachers he met on his way such as Albert Kay and Eugene Halliday, vol. 2: Reflexive Self-Consciousness, his his marriage to an artist, and his career. It's not just a memoir though, as Zaradin's story is intertwined with his philosophy of self-development and his unique view of life.

By Philip Rose on 17 Oct. 2015

A finely produced book. It tells the story of the classical guitarist John Zaradin and how he came to study and the approach to his work and his art, all told in a threefold way seamlessly interwoven into a single harmonious tapestry. Harmonious, that is the key. The way the boos is woven together reflects the threefold aspect of Zaradin`s music; how he came to think of himself as a potential serious musician,

his meeting with his menor, Eugene Halliday, who has been a lifelong influence, and last some of the technical and philosophic aspects of music. There are many illustrations, and Hephzibah makes an admirable and unobtrusive observer linking it all together. A must, 5 star read.

By RobertDarwin on 16 Nov. 0152

This is a warmly written story of a richly interesting life - I came away with a real sense of the process of creating music from the inside. Fascinating the many kinds of influence that come together to make a unique picture. A book to enjoy with a glass of wine.

By Brian Mcallister on 15 Dec. 2015

While I am familiar with some of John Zaradins' Great Guitar Music and arrangements, I expected to read more about his 'Journe ', within the Music World. After reading a second time, I realized It described his path to Personal Development. Best Wishes, Brian Mcallister.